About Show and Heal

Our Mission:

Depression, anxiety and isolation pervade the daily lives of youth. These issues are exasperated by inadequate funding and resources in education as it pertains to self-care and mindfulness. With these problems in mind, the mission of Show & Heal (S&H) is to build resilience in youth through mindfulness and self-care education toward the expression of their most authentic selves

Our Vision: S&H envisions a world where every child belongs, as we foster a future where similarities and differences are embraced, and mindfulness and self-care education are accessible to all.

Our holistic commitment to our community builds resilience through:


Community collaborations for peaceful, harmonious activities, and training which serve to bridge the gaps between diverse populations and contribute to social transformation.


Public and social media awareness campaigns using interactive multimedia and educational forums to cultivate a sense of belonging.


Facilitation of supplemental programming focused on mindfulness and self-care to promote physical, emotional, mental, and social health. Traveling international


Raising consciousness and mobilizing towards achieving equity and human rights through the means of education and dialogue.

Self-Care 101

Show and Heal has been running Self-Care 101 at John I Leonard High School for 3 years. When the coronavirus hit, we transformed it into an online support system, which consists of a mental health counselor, a teacher (Ms. Xi), and students checking in to express their concerns, fears, and feelings during the pandemic. Below students share how the Self-Care 101 program has helped them..

Show and Heal’s Self-Care 101 Student Leader, Gabriella’s Testimonial

The impact of Show and Heal’s mindfulness and self-care program:

Show and Heal’s Self-Care 101 Participant, Aaron Fox’s Testimonial

Show and Heal’s Self-Care 101 Student Leader, Michael Beck

Ways To Help

Show and Heal is funded by both grants and donations. Volunteering also helps us to continue our mission to nurture the youth to become emotionally strong and resilient. Any amount of donation will be acceptable and deeply appreciated. We also welcome virtual volunteers, so you can help us from anywhere!

Covid-19 Updates

At Show and Heal, we are adhering to all state and national safety regulations by practicing strict social distancing and/or meeting virtually. All of our programs are held virtually.