Show and Heal

At Show and Heal, our mission is in our name. We strive for recognition and acceptance of unique healing experiences through community collaboration. Mental health education and healing are not just for a particular community, but for everyone. Show and Heal provides a brave space online and in-person for self-exploration, inclusion, and perspective sharing through their self-care and diversity initiatives, including a Virtual Diversity Showcase called “Celebrate Your Roots” and an international travel study to Greece. Our newest curriculum intersects the impact of identity on mental health and the practice of mindfulness tools to pre-teens and teens of BIPOC and under-resourced communities.

Our Core Values


Show and Heal are committed to enacting our beliefs and values in a manner that will increase community engagement by positively impacting the youth through various programs. By stressing the importance of being culturally competent, we hope to prompt increased acceptance in the youth and generations to come. As an organization, we promote the transcendence of our values into the personal lives of all members.


As an organization built on the collective differences of many diverse individuals, Show and Heal welcomes and celebrates acceptance. From Board, Staff, Volunteers, and Interns, to populations served, at Show and Heal we come from all walks of life and provide members with intriguing perspectives into the world. By commemorating our differences, we understand the depth it provides to members that may otherwise view themselves as different.

Cultural Responsiveness

At Show and Heal, we strive to provide a platform centered on representation, inclusion, and equity. We offer an environment for adolescents to explore their respective cultural identities and lived experiences, whilst providing the educational avenue for cultural responsiveness, appreciation, and humility. 


Show and Heal is committed to honoring the diversity of experiences, traditions, and perspectives within our team and those we serve. We acknowledge and understand that based on our identities we have unique lived experiences, each being equal and valid. Through the acceptance of one another’s humanity, we can learn, grow, and heal together personally, professionally, and as a community.


Most individuals spend their lives trying to find places where they can feel a sense of belonging and purpose. Show and Heal aims to assist adolescents and our team in the process towards their most authentic and genuine self, while seeking to highlight differences and the importance of community. Our purpose is to offer a space for everyone to feel better connected and that they belong.

Xahej Bajipura


(“ZAH-edge) (“BAH-jee-pooh-rah)

aka Ms. Xi (“zai”) she/her/hers

“I see myself in others and see others in myself as if I am looking in the mirror. I believe all humans are connected to one another in ways that cannot meet the naked eye but can be felt with an open heart.” As a public school teacher, Ms. Xi became aware of the lack of positive media representation and mental health resources accessible to students of diverse backgrounds which is why she founded Show and Heal in 2016. Through documentaries/social media and innovative programming, Show and Heal uplifts youth of all identities with a holistic approach to mental health, including emotional, physical, and social. Over the last 16 years in positive youth development, Ms. Xi has had the honor to serve and learn from thousands of youth from diverse lived experiences from all corners of the globe, including the slums in India, to the streets of San Francisco, a juvenile jail in LA, to public schools and therapeutic residential facilities in Florida. She has discovered that young people are longing for connection, love, acceptance, and belonging. It is her life’s purpose to channel her authenticity and inclusiveness to empower and inspire young people to love and accept themselves and others.

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