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America and Sikh

American and Sikh Trailer

Show and Heal’s Xahej Bajipura take a very quick look inside the lives of American Sikh youth and how they have been affected by Sikhophobia and Islamophobia after mismanaged media coverage of terrorist attacks.

American and Sikh Documentary

The full documentary of the lives of American Sikh youth and their stories, and how Sikhophobia and Islamophobia affected them.

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Show and Heal: Muslim

Show and Heal correspondent and middle school student Martha of Christian faith shares what she learned about Ramadan and whether she would be able to fast 15 hours like Muslims do in her firsthand exposure to the Islam religion as well as iftar

American & Columbia Interview

Hear the perspectives of Isaac, a charming and open-minded senior who identifies as gay and is accepted by his family.

Show and Heal: Raising Culturally-Conscious Kids

Show and Heal’s Executive Director (and teacher) Xahej Bajipura and Mental Health Specialist Sunayana Devi shared strategies, resources, and answered questions on a virtual platform moderated by Power to Fly on August 26, 2020.

Happy Virtual Diversity Day

Show and Heal Self-Care 101 after-school program planned on hosting a Diversity Day, filled with performances, food, and presentations that encompass the richness and beauty of the different cultures at our school. While we are no longer able to host this event in person, we put together virtual videos that support the same idea and celebrate diversity.

Check out an article made by our founder Xahej Bajipura about BIPOC Mental Health for National Diversity Council.