Self-Care 101

Show and Heal’s Self-Care for the Whole Family program focuses on prioritizing self-care for you as well as your family. Imagine being on a flight and the oxygen masks come down, the flight attendant always states to put your oxygen mask on yourself first. Doing so is vital to ensure that you are safe and are healthy for your family. Remember self-care is not selfish! Show and Heal’s Self-Care interactive, six-part series includes topics such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Social Media/Tech/Phone Usage, Sleep, and Raising Culturally-Conscious Kids. Learn evidence-based practices and benefits for each subject that the whole family can enjoy as you grow together! In line with Show & Heal’s mission to educate and advocate for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, our Diversity Education 101 7-part hands-on diversity education series fosters inclusion and awareness of multiculturalism through a culturally responsive lens. This model encourages a greater understanding and appreciation of our differences as individuals and our similarities as human beings. Our interactive Diversity Education 101 workshops uncover and explore topics such as implicit bias and stereotypes, microaggressions, visibility in media, embracing our unique identities to combat internalized racial oppression, mental health, allyship/advocacy, and growing up culturally conscious. All lessons incorporate mindfulness, guided discussion/activity, and self-reflection.

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TestimoialFrom Students


Show and Heal helped me out in many ways by letting me be more comfortable trying out new foods and doing things that I haven’t done before.

Aaron Fox

Being a part of Show and Heal has taught me so many things. They really taught me to really get to know myself and follow my heart.

Gabrielle Estrada

Covid Precautions

Show and Heal has been running Self-Care 101 at John I Leonard for two years. When the coronavirus hit, we pivoted and transformed the in-person after-school program into an online support system, which consists of mental health counselors, teachers, and students checking in to express their concerns, fears, and feelings during the pandemic.