Hands-on and Humility


For Educators

  • Mindfulness and Compassion in Everyday Life.
  • Mindfulness and Compassion in the Classroom.
  • Overcoming Internalized Racism & Ethnic Prejudice.

For Youth

  • Mindfulness and Justice.
  • Mindfulness and Compassion.
  • Mindfulness in Nature.
  • Normalizing Mental Health/Wellness in BIPOC Communities.

For Caregivers

  • Also normalizing Mental Health/Wellness in BIPOC Communities.
  • Discovering and Managing our Hidden Biases.
  • Raising Culturally-Conscious Children.

Research has found that racial bias begins to show in infants as young as 3 months. It is never too early to learn about





And conversely, thanks to neuroplasticity (our human brain’s ability to create new pathways of information), it is never too late to unlearn negative messaging.

In line with Show & Heal’s mission to educate and advocate for DEIB, our interactive, hands-on diversity and cultural humility training for Pre-K-12 students, educators, corporations, and adults incorporate mindfulness, guided discussions, self-exploratory activities, and self-reflection.

In collaboration with The Way Mindfulness Education, Show and Heal offers specialized training in Mindfulness for Educators/Stakeholders of Youth Organizations, Youth, and Caregivers/Families. Show and Heal also conducts speaking engagements, presentations, and facilitation of mindfulness, DEIB, and girls empowerment activities for conferences, workshops, and media.

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